is a community of hobbyists that want to share detailed information about RC airframes and equipment. The site was originally formed to support collaborative discussions among users and fans of the MyRCDesign software. The MyRCDesign software makes it simple to design flat foam aircraft and our laser cutting service can turn your designs into real kits.

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  • Share your videos in the Videos area uses a familiar social networking framework. The key difference is the Hanger where we focus on Items of interest to the RC enthusiast. Each item in the Hanger may have numerous comments, members who follow the item, photos, discussions and events associated with the item. Make the Hanger your first stop! is a family oriented site and is actively moderated. Material deemed inappropriate for minors will be removed immediately.

Airframe designs posted on the site with public viewing permissions are deemed to be released under the Open Model License and are freely available for modification and use by anyone with a licensed copy of the MyRCDesign software. However, you can privately post airframes for the purpose of kit cutting by our team.

You may order a kit cut of any publicly posted airframe. Be sure to read the comments and other information available for the airframe before you order a kit cut. It is not possible for to test every kit ourselves and we do not offer warranty of any kind on these kits.