MyRCDesign Software (Currently in Beta Test)

MyRCDesign.exe is a tool for creating new "foamy" aircraft designs that can be laser cut by

     MyRCDesign is a Microsoft Windows application.

  • Easy to use and robust 2D drawing tools.
  • 3D Viewer window supporting selection and review of your airframe.
  • Flexible List Bar for defining the 3D components of your airframe.
  • Components can use flat, rectangular and round stock materials.
  • Many existing free designs that you may modify.
  • Extensive tutorial movies to make getting started easier.
  • One key publishing of your design in the Hanger area.

The program is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the RC enthusiast designing a flat foam airframe. The program automates many challenging airframe design tasks. Some of the design features found in the program include: