Beta Program Now Open for all Members

To get your copy of the beta software just login to your account on MyRCDesigns and look for the Download MyRCDesign Beta/Trial link on your member home page. If you don't have an account yet, sign up! It's free.

MyRCDesign Software is a Windows program. It should run well on any recent vintage Windows PC with Windows XP or higher OS.

The MyRCDesign Software Beta is a fully functional trial version of MyRCDesign Standard Version. In addition to the program executable, the install will create a MyDocuments\MyRCDesign folder with sample airframes.

The MyRCDesign software also includes a number of tutorial movies that can be accessed from the program's Help menu item. The manual for the software is provided as a Microsoft help file that is also accessed from the program's Help menu item.

This trial/beta software is not known to have any significant defects but please don't be shy in reporting problems to us either by email or through the forums on Suggestions for improvements to the software are always welcome.

We have a long list of existing feature enhancements and new features under development. Some of the features we are working on include:

Note: The best way to get started with this software is to watch the tutorial movies and then try your hand at modifying existing airframes. Starting a new airframe from scratch can be challenging for novice users of the software.

We are here to help so don't hesitate to ask for help on the forums.